The company Informatika has a 42-year long tradition in computer engineering across all of Serbia and the region. In its business ventures so far, Informatika has worked with hundreds of companies from various fields of work from the country and the surrounding region. A plethora of products and services is what allows Informatika to offer solutions for the needs of various types of organizations, ranging from information necessary for managers, to control and surveillance of industrial processes.

Informatika deals in development of business applications, education, business consulting, development, implementation and maintenance of IT and business solutions. Informatika’s products and solutions are an integral part of:

  • The digital industry which demands an ever-growing automation of manual processes, and thus allowing for cost-cutting in business
  • Business infrastructures of a number of companies
  • Ever-intensifying processes of digitalization of cities and districts

Informatika integrates a number of different segments of the computer industry:

  • Integrated business-manufacturing information systems
  • System software
  • Industrial computers and automation of processes
  • Cloud services
  • Business applications
  • Employee training
  • Computer equipment
  • Computer communication and networks
  • Support, service and maintenance of systems

Informatika’s main advantage is its employees who are defined by their creativity, expertise and dedication. Our experts aid industry and state authorities to become more successful and achieve their aims using information technology. Our employees are well-acquainted with modern trends in various industries which they bring into the client’s business environment.

Informatika’s expert support can contribute to the modernization of your business. We are here to help you adjust to change, retain your existing and attract new clients. We measure our quality of work by the satisfaction of our clients.

Традиција дуга 46 година

June 6

Informatika is founded on April 1st, 1976

stara foto jevrejska 32
June 6

The seventies – a partnership is established between the well-known US-based IT company Burroughs; the B1000 computer systems are set up in all branches of the Social Accounting and Auditing Service of Yugoslavia (SDK)

U SDK uvedeni računarski sistemi B1000
June 6

1986. – established a partnership with Unisys which lasts to this day

Informatika Unisys partner
June 6

Informatika develops an integral payment system

zgrada sdk
This product allows banks and companies to connect with their branches of the SDK. In this way, the first electronic payment was actualized; Quite apart from the integrated payment system, Informatika develops VOICE – the system…
June 6

Informatika and Dell become partners

Informatika Dell partner
June 6

nformatika widens the scope of its products with a new generation of locally-produced programmable controllers

programabilni kontroler IplcDesign
Informatika widens the scope of its products with a new generation of locally-produced programmable controllers – the INFO10 series; the package for the development of programs for programmable controllers – IplcDesign
June 6

Informatika steps into the market with a new procut, the programmable controller microInfo

programabilni kontroler microInfo
Informatika steps into the market with a new procut, the programmable controller microInfo, based on cutting-edge technology and aimed at the aggressive industrial environment. Informatika and Microsoft become partners.
June 6

Informatika creates the visualization and process surveillance package InfoScada

В 2004 году АО «Информатика» разработала пакет для визуализации и мониторинга процесса InfoScada АО «Информатика» получило грамоту за промышленный компьютер MicroBlue в рамках кампании «Лучшие торговые марки Сербии», а также на выставке электроники в Нови-Саде и…
June 6

A significant object of industrial heritage

Magacin banke Nikole Boškovića
Nikola Bošković’s bank vault: Thanks to its new owner, Informatika, who have recognized the value of that old industrial building, the vault has been adapted as business premises. („24. časa” newspaper, pg. 5, May 18th 2009.)…
June 6

A well-deserved accolade for Informatika

As part of the traditional selection of companies and businesses organized by the Club of Economic Journalists of Serbia, Informatika has received the award as a “Company which marked the Decade” and the “Tsar Dušan Gold…
June 6

2013 – Informatika is declared Microsoft’s Partner of the Year

Microsoft partner godine
June 6

– Informatika delivers a surveillance system for the surveillance of public finances of the Republic of Serbia

sistem za nadzor javnih finansija Republike Srbije
2015-2016 – the system for surveillance of public finances of the Republic of Serbia is delivered, as well as the system of consolidated collection for the city of Belgrade
June 6

Dell EMC partner of the year

Dell EMC partner of the year
Informatika a.d. – Dell EMC Partner of the year 2018 for Serbia
June 6

Microsoft partner of the year

Microsoft partner of the year
Informatika a.d. – Microsoft partner of the year 2018 for Serbia