Informatika’s professional team is capable of producing technical documentation in the form of: conceptual, master and execution projects, projects of the derivative state as well as revisions of project documentation from other design companies.

Informatika regularly improves its expert team, possesses modern software tools and packages, which, while respecting the specificity of each client, enables the development of the most complex projects according to international standards in the field of:

  • Installations of measurement, regulation and management with surveillance, data acquisition and communication systems
  • Design and development of application programs for process management (PLC) and application for system visualization and supervision (SCADA)
  • Design and configuration of telemetry networks and systems with the selection of adequate telecommunication equipment, communication paths and protocols for data transmission (radio connection, GSM network, LAN, WLAN technology …)
  • Electric power installation and installation of electric motors

Authorized and licensed designers as well as modern design methods guarantee a high level and quality of design projects according to the latest technical and technological achievements in the world.