• control, remote monitoring and regulation of boiler plants in heating substations

Following contemporary trends in the area of the remote heating system, Informatika a.d. has made a universal solution for the automatic control and remote control of the heating substations using its own programmable controller (PLC), the MicroINFO series. This system enables customers to provide better heat energy, more economical floor work and longer service life.

  • control and monitoring of steam consumption and alarm system

The solution offers integration of ERP solutions with technical systems for oil and oil derivatives warehouse, with a special focus on:

  • measurement of inventories of goods in tanks (primarily for commercial purposes)
  • measurement, management and control installations for reception and dispatch of goods
  • solutions between technical and ERP systems
sistem stovarišta nefte i naftnih derivata

Implemented in NIS

The implementation of this system allows precise monitoring of input – output of derivatives and complete control of LPG decanting flows, which enables significant savings.


Internal transport management and control systems are designed as 100% redundant in the area of conveyor belt management, and during design and realization the accent is placed on reliable operation in difficult ambient conditions.

The delivery system can be functionally divided into three interdependent subsystems: the transport system, the discharger and the digger. In addition, an operator interface is provided and it is intuitive and easy to use.

These are solutions based on energy audits that recognize and provide guidance in order to increase energy efficiency from the level of optimization of lighting / air conditioning / heating / ventilation to solutions covering the optimization / automation of boiler blocks, production lines, solar power plants, etc.


The system offers a complete solution for remote monitoring and management of wells at the groundwater level through the InfoSCADA system. The solution offers full automation of all parameters and processes with additional real-time alerting functions (water level, power and pump operation,etc.), creating daily / weekly / monthly reports …

Nadzor i upravljanje bunarskim sistemima za upravljanje i kontrolu nivoa podzemnih voda

Realized systems allow for automated monitoring, management and regulation of the urea synthesis process within the production mode. The basis of the system consists of multivariable adaptive algorithms for regulation and control, based on fundamental thermodynamic and chemical laws and the operator’s experiential logic.

The concepts thus created allow for the functional connection of the corresponding phases of synthesis and recirculation in the urea plant, regardless of the differences in their time responses and the dynamics.


For many years, Informatika has been implementing its management and control systems in the rubber industry, primarily in the markets of Russia and Belarus. Working in this field, Informatika’s experts, having noticed the needs of the users, developed an original solution for the measuring system for measuring the thickness of rubber on the calendering line, which enables  high-quality regulation of rubber thickness.


Informatika has devised a complex solution for the implementation of the management and control system by chemical preparation of water and its accompanying systems. Informatika’s system is based on the application of standard hardware and software solutions as well as on the knowledge and experience of leading experts in chemical water preparation technology.

This system includes the following processes:

  • chemical preparation of condensate
  • external regeneration
  • demineralization of water
  • dosing of chemicals
  • raw and potable water
  • neutralization of wastewater
  • supply with purified water

Lighting manipulation should be adapted to the requirements of the facility. In modern buildings, there is often a need for rapidly changing scenarios that define the necessary types of lighting. The type of lighting depends on the type of event (concerts, conferences, congresses, sports competitions, etc.).

The central lighting control and monitoring system implemented by Informatika includes general, sports and security lighting, as well as all possible software and hardware enhancements of the system.

The system offers a complete solution for measuring and monitoring potable / technical water in the segments of production, delivery and consumption of water.

The solution covers the recording and monitoring of the following parameters: water levels at sources / wells, reservoirs, pump operation, flow and pressure measurement in the water system as well as the synchronization of pumps and water levels in the tank system through:

  • Establishing and integrating the measurement and monitoring system of the values important for water supply in real time
  • Optimal method of data collection
  • Connection to the control-command system – control cabinets
  • Complete solution of the SCADA control and management system for monitoring and managing the water supply system from a single central location according to the user’s choice

Nadzor i upravljanje sistemima vodosnabdevanja