Informatika a.d.Belgrade is one of the leading domestic companies in the field of application of information technology, specializing in the development and design, production, maintenance, sales, delivery and implementation of complex solutions for managing business and manufacturing processes, including the provision of various services and training related to the aforementioned areas. INFORMATIKA strives to adapt the most modern global advancements in these fields to the specific needs of its users.

Our goal is to provide and implement high-quality projects, solutions and equipment from the key fields of information technology, and to, as a leader on the market, be a reliable partner to our clients. By implementing the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and adequately fulfilling their requirements, integrating them and maintaining an effective and efficient integrated management system, we are working on the constant improvement of our business operation and on raising the quality of our services and our clients’ satisfaction.

The basic goals of our business policy are the positive results of our current business and the continuous investment in development – ensuring our future. In order to achieve these goals, we have dedicated ourselves to continuous improvement and to raising the quality of the products, solutions and services offered by our business. Our goals also include ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information within the company so as to ensure the continuity of business and to minimize damage to the business by preventing security incidents and minimizing their impact. The purpose of IT security and protection and ISMS is to protect information, as a valuable asset of the Company, from any sort of potential security threats, whether they are internal or external, intentional or accidental.

INFORMATIKA is dedicated to developing long-term partnerships when it comes to client relations. They are based on satisfying the users’ needs at all stages of the service provision chain – from identifying all of the applicable legal and other requirements and committing to their satisfaction, to providing maintenance for the delivered products. Here product quality, the quality of communication with the client, and ongoing assistance are key for clearly defining their needs and requirements and so that products can be used in accordance with their intended purpose. The quality of the company’s products is based on long-term partnerships with suppliers.

The achieved market recognition and good reputation are maintained by the commitment and obligation of all employees to the constant improvement of their knowledge, awareness and high expertise in both the field of quality, environmental protection and information security, as well as to providing mutual assistance to each other in training. Teamwork, fast horizontal and vertical communication, a sense of belonging within the company, commitment to a common goal – the high quality and long-term satisfaction of users and the building of their trust in INFORMATIKA and its employees, are parts of a positive corporate culture that stands out from the competition. Contributing to the development of this culture is an obligation of all of the company’s managers.

The company proves its business reliability to its business partners with the quality of its products and services, by respecting all of the provisions of their contracts and the requirements of the quality management and environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO IEC 27001: 2013 standards. All of the managers have the task of ensuring their consistent application.


Additionally, Informatika is also consistent in:

  • its commitment to the preservation and improvement of the environment, i.e. the prevention of its pollution, as well as the preservation and improvement of the achieved level of information security;
  • its continuous strive towards improving the performance of its activities and products, both in the domain of quality and regarding the protection of the environment and information security, as well as its commitment to minimizing the risks of potential effects on the environment, that is information security, and by extension the entire business and the maintenance of its continuity, all the while respecting the applicable laws and regulations, preserving natural resources, optimizing energy consumption and managing waste in accordance with legal regulations;
  • its promotion of corporate social responsibility towards the local community and the society as a whole, through the establishment of a partnership with all stakeholders, with the aim of effective and efficient mutual communication.

In Belgrade, April 12, 2018 Slavoljub Kačarević, CEO


Pursuant to Article 16 of the Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers (Službeni Glasnik, the Republic of Serbia No. 128/2014) and Article 52 of the Statute of the Company for the production of computer equipment and information engineering Informatika j.s.c. Belgrade (Stari grad), on the date of 10.12.2015, the Supervisory Board of the Company adopts the following: