Informatika has much experience in developing and implementing its own line of industrial programmable logic controllers – PLC and SCADA systems.

We have developed several series of industrial programmable logic controllers with different modules:

  • Intelligent analog input module

  • Intelligent analog output module

  • Digital input module

  • Digital input module

  • Serial communication modules

  • Serial communication modules

Informatika has also developed the software package – InfoControl SCADA, which, together with industrial programmable logic controllers, enables efficient monitoring and management of industrial plants in real time.

InfoCONTROL SCADA – package components

  • Data Server processes process sizes and enables their display in HMI applications, detects, generates and archives alarms, generates and archives trends … A redundant work option ensures maximum reliability of the system.

  • Reporting System allows you to create reports on process sizes, history of alarms and trends, cummulatives, shift totals …

  • Integration Server provides a connection to the business system, supports recipes and workflow diagrams for working with the database

  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the connection between the operator and the plant. It allows for a review of the process in the form of symbolic views, alarms, trends, generated reports, …

  • WEB Application Server executes the WEB SCADA application and allows access from remote locations using standard web browsers.