Process models establish a sequence of project activities and thus represent the entire life cycle of the project. In today’s business, a wide range of process models is used. The MSF process model originates from processes that Microsoft used in developing its applications. Over time, this model has evolved and integrated some of the most effective principles and popular process models into a unique model that can be used on any project.

This model can be applied in traditional application development environments, but it is equally suitable for development and implementation of e-commerce solutions, web-distributed applications, and other business solutions that will emerge in the future

On the other hand, the Microsoft Operations Framework provides organizations with technical guidance on how to achieve and provide reliability, availability, support and manageability of critical systems and IT solutions based on the use of Microsoft products and technologies.

MOF guidelines concern people, processes, technologies and management issues that relate to the operation of complex, distributed and heterogeneous IT environments. MOF is based on industry best practices documented within the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library).

Design and implementation